At Studienkolleg Coburg international applicants with insufficient educational certificates (= home certificates) or language skills attend preparatory courses to study at Bavarian universities.

The Studienkolleg Coburg is connected spatially and by infrastructure to Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The building is located on the main campus of the university, and the students are registered students of Coburg University, and as such use the facilities of the university and the student union of Upper Franconia. The preparatory course prepares students for the entrance examination and performs this check. A successful test provides access to all higher education institutions in Germany. Students who are missing the necessary language skills in German, can take the preparatory course in the German language examination for university admission (= DSH). This test is recognised by the KMK and the German Rectors' Conference as a language certificate for study at German universities.

Access to Studienkolleg Coburg is gained over an entrance examination of German and mathematics. 

Many of our graduates get to know the city and the university quite well, so they recognize the special qualities of this place of study and therefore decide to continue their studies at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. This is why the number of international students at Coburg University remarkably increased compared to similar Bavarian Universities: in winter 2013/14 more than 10 % international students were enrolled at Coburg University – approximately 40 % of them were Studienkolleg graduates.

Currently students from 47 countries attend Studienkolleg Coburg in order to study in Germany later on. 

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