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Studienaufenthalt - Englisch


Studienaufenthalt Englisch

Information for foreign students and applicants from countries outside the European Union

Warm Welcome in Coburg!

You have decided to study in the Federal Republic of Germany. We are pleased about your interest and the confidence shown to our country. The following information is to make you acquainted with the relevant formalities concerning entry and stay and help you to avoid unnecessary complications and superfluous delay.


Residence permit

After your arrival in Germany you must immediately get registered in your new place of residence with your main place of residence.

Furthermore you have to inform the aliens´ registration office of your stay. There, within the validity of your visa, you have to apply for a residence permit that contains certain restrictions respectively conditions. You may as well understand from this residence permit whether and in which way you are permitted to take up a gainful employment in addition to your main purpose of stay (cf. „gainful employment“).

The validity of your residence permit depends on the concrete purpose of your stay and is laid down so as to comprise all the phases of education inclusively all the practical trainings and the language courses.

Please present the following documents when applying for a residence permit as a student or as an applicant.

  • application form completely filled in
  • latest photo
  • your valid passport
  • certificate of the purpose of your stay (f.e. certificate of enrollment)
  • certificate proving that your living is guaranteed (f.e. certificate of scholarships, paying a security into a blocked account in Germany, depositing of a surety at a German bank to be renewed annually. The proof of your living being guaranteed may as well be furnished in form of an obligating declaration according to § 84 of the German law concerning foreigners)
  • certificate of a sufficient health insurance (f.e. membership card of a health insurance through the state or an insurance policy of a private health insurance)
  • health certificate through a doctor
  • certificate of sufficient housing (hire contract or certificate through the owner of the house or flat)

Prolongation of your residence permit:

As a student or as an applicant you should apply for a prolongation of your residence permit about 2 weeks before the expiry of its validity even if the necessary documents cannot be presented.


Presupposition for the entry

The presupposition for your entry into the Federal Republic of Germany is the coming up in time with the visa necessary for your respective purpose of stay. You file your necessary application with the German agency abroad (embassy, consulate etc.) that is appropriate for your home town. There you will be told what kind of documents must be added to your visa application.

If you have obtained your visa, you are permitted to enter the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany for the purpose applied for.

Citizens of members of the European Community as well as citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America do not need any visa

for their entry into the Federal Republic of Germany.

Special features „Studienkolleg“:

Applicants who do not yet correspond to the presuppositions for taking up a degree can acquire these presuppositions at the „Studienkolleg“ at the „Fachhochschule Coburg“ beforehand. As to further details please turn directly to the „Studienkolleg“ Coburg.

In this context you must take into account that according to the regulations valid for foreigners, as a rule, the preparatory phase for the acquisition of the presuppositions for attending the „Studienkolleg“ may not last longer than 2 years. These 2 years include all the preparatory measures as for example language course, „Studienkolleg“ etc. As a rule, a prolongation of the residence permit for the purpose of measures preparing a study for the duration of more than 2 years is not possible.

Special features language course:

For foreign applicants the presupposition for the admission for beginning a study regularly is a successful language examination (cf. notification of admission). A residence permit for the participation in a preparatory language course is merely granted on condition that it is a so-called intensive language course with regular lessons of at least 18 hours (what corresponds to 24 lessons à 45 minutes) that aims the acquisition of a complete knowledge of the German language.
Such a course for preperation for the German language examination is offered e. g. at the "Studienkolleg" Coburg.

Courses given in the evening or at the week-end do not meet the conditions!

The residence permit for the preparation for the language examination can only be granted for 12 months at the most. A prolongation of the residence permit exceeding this rule can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Gainful employment beside the study / "Studienkolleg"

Beside their study foreign students are on principle only permitted to carry out a temporary employment not exceeding 90 working days a year. A gainful employment lasting longer than the employment mentioned can only be admitted as a part-time employment if in this way the purpose of stay restricted to the study is not changed and the successful end of the study is not delayed or seriously interfered with. Therefore such an employment can merely be taken into consideration in really special cases, perhaps for a sideline as a student at the „Hochschule“ or a scientific institution. The regulations of labor law are not concerned by this.

Foreigners who are students at the „Studienkolleg“ Coburg are permitted to pursue a gainful employment only during their official vacation.

Was noch?

Important additional hints

As to this information it is merely a compilation of the most important regulations. More detailed information especially as to exceptions, specific features and procedure is obtainable, with regard to the work permit at the appropriate employment office, with regard to the residence permit at the appropriate aliens´ registration office.

A change of the subject of study is only possible on certain conditions and must definitively be arranged before with the appropriate aliens´ registration office. As, in this case, a change of the purpose of stay may be assumed there is the danger of your residence permit expiring what would oblige you to immediately leave the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hoping that this information will contribute to make the formalities concerning your entry and stay easier we wish you a pleasant stay in Coburg.

Your aliens´ registration office of the town of Coburg


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