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Coburg is one of the economically strongest areas of Bavaria, and thus a highly industrialized location. Dynamic, forward-thinking entrepreneurs shaped and developed this favorable industry structure. The strengths lie particularly in the variety of sectors and in the mix of the various operating parameters. This situation has made the Coburg area flexible and resilient to economic fluctuationsto this day. Many of the local companies, particularly in the automotive, sensor technology, plastics technology and engineering are also the world leader and its products operate in several countries and on different continents. Our companies in the insurance and finance industries and the many businesses in the creative industries are known far beyond the borders of Germany.

Take the chance. At INTEND you can learn about the economic structure in and around Coburg and you can meet many interesting contacts of Coburg’s economy. Make contacts for

- your practical semester
- further internships
- a possible second job
- starting a career
- an activity in your home country

Meet the interesting companies of Coburg. Extend your network - because you never know what's coming.


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