Bachelor and Master Degree Programs

In the academic year 2013/14 a total of 574 foreign students from more than 90 countries were enrolled in the two English-taught Master's degree programs, in the regular German bachelor's degree programs or as exchange students across all faculties. The majority of foreign students is enrolled in Financial Management (degree: MBA) and Analytical Instruments, Measurement and Sensor Technology (AIMS degree: M.Eng.)

In the regular bachelor's degree programs:

1 Architecture
2 Automation and Robotics
3 Automotive Technology and Management
4 Civil Engineering
5 Business Management
6 Bioanalysis
7 Electrical and Computer Engineering
8 Interior Design
9 Integrated Product Design
10 Clinical Curative Education
11 Engineering
12 Technical Physics: Physical Technologies
13 Technical Physics: Laser and Light Technology
14 Social Work
15 Insurance Industry
16 Integrative Health Promotion
17 Computer science

Foreign students are enrolled, some of them graduates of the college. These students from various countries gained their university entrance qualification in their home country and then came to Germany to study. They are applying for a degree program directly with the proof of German proficiency (DSH or Testdaf) or indirectly with the evidence of the assessment test of the college.

The students of the Master's programs have earned a bachelor's degree abroad and seek the MBA or the MEng degreein Coburg. You also get work experience in their home countries. The master's program usually takes 3 or 4 semesters. Students must complete an internship in German companies.

A current list of the countries of origin and degree programs can be found here.

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