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Invitation: „INTEND 2016“ – International students meet business leaders

Products and services „Made in Germany“ are in demand worldwide. It is not without reason that Germany is regarded as a world champion exporter. In the year 2015 the german economy achieved new records in its foreign turnover. The globalisation of markets is an ongoing process.

Fluent language skills and intercultural knowledge are the basics for successful careers abroad. The university of Coburg is an important attraction for skilled international workers, who will be able to transfer the aquired Know How to their future employers. At the moment, more than 550 foreign students with country- and language-specific expertises have chosen to study practically orientated at the university of applied sciences Coburg.

The career portal „International students meet business leaders“ (INTEND) offers you a unique opportunity to start up conversations with international students and establish first contacts. You will have the chance to present you company and aquire potential employees through an internship, by providing a theme for the student’s thesis or by direct hire!

We warmly invite you to

INTEND 2016 - „International students meet business leaders“

31 May 2016 - 15.00 p.m.

Location: Parish Hall St. Augustin, Festungsstraße 1, 96450 Coburg


The scope of the event will be a „Speed-Dating“: You will have the chance to meet 10 foreign students during 100 minutes. On the basis of reviewing potential candidates we provide a Matchmaking-process, which allows you to participate in the preselection.

Directly after the Speed-Dating we provide open tables for you and your potential candidates in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can intensify conversations started earlier and get to know additional students.

Did we spark your interest? In this case, please answer the enclosed response-fax not later than ??? and register free of charge.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Annette Stegemann, director of the International Office at Coburg university (09561 317-319; and Ms. Lisa Presler from the business promotion of Coburg (09561 89-2305:



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