INTEND Coburg - 31. May 2016

Coburg is a business location with one market-leading and other globally operating companies which are increasingly looking for qualified personnel. More than 550 international students are studying at Coburg University. During their studies, one practical semester is required, but further placements in the industry are encouraged.

INTEND-Coburg is the opportunity for students to learn about Coburg businesses and simultaneously to establish informal contacts for internships and careers. INTEND-Coburg is giving companies and businesses the opportunities to get in contact with potential employees who have specialized knowledge and familiaritywith specific countries. 

You are a student?

Take the chance. On INTEND-Coburg you can see the economic structure in and around Coburg and many interesting contacts from companies in the region for your internship or a job to know. Here you will find a general overview of the participating companies. next >>


You are a Company?

On INTEND-Coburg you have the chance to get to know potential employees in conversation and to make new contacts for future professionals. next >>



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