Welcome to the Coburg City Library!

We look forward to your visit.

1. We offer free access to all our media in the library during our opening hours.

1.1 Opening hours

Monday 12.00 – 16.30
Tuesday 12.00 – 16.30
Wednesday 09.00 – 13.00
Thursday 12.00 – 16.30
Friday 12.00 – 16.30
Saturday 09.00 – 12.00

1.2 What we have

  • Books
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Sheet music
  • Maps
  • Comic strips
  • Games
  • Music CDs and audio books
  • DVDs, CDs
  • Tiptoi, TING


2. In order to borrow items, you need to join the library.

3. All you need for registration is a valid photo ID including your name and address and a residence permit valid for at least three months.

4. The library card is for you only and cannot be used by other persons.

5. The signature of a parent or guardian is required for children and young adults under the age of sixteen.

6. Lending conditions

  • The annual fee for adults is 16 €
  • Instead, you can pay 1 € per item (advisable if you only borrow a few items per year)
  • Children under the age of eleven can borrow items free of charge
  • The annual fee for children between eleven and fifteen years of age is 3 €
  • The annual fee for adults with the “Coburg-Pass” is 4 €
  • The annual fee for children under the age of sixteen with the “Coburg-Pass” is 1,50 €

6.1 You can borrow up to twenty items at once.

6.2 Please take care of the items that you borrow. The library will charge a fee in case of lost or damaged items.

7. Reservation is possible for a fee of 1€ per item. You will be notified as soon as your reserved item is available.

8. Renewals

8.1 All items are renewable two times

8.2 Items that are already reserved by another library member cannot be renewed.

9. Returning items

9.1 Loan periods

  • Books, sheet music, maps: 4 weeks
  • Music CDs, CDs, games, magazines, comic strips: 2 weeks
  • DVDs: 1 week

9.2 Outside our opening times, you can return items via the return box near the library entrance.

9.3 Please return borrowed items on time or renew them. The library will charge a fine of 5 € per item on overdue media.


We hope you enjoy our selection.


Thank you for your visit!


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Standby License